Business transformation requires careful thought about the impact of change upon its people. Fortunately, change management techniques and tools now exist to help management engage with staff about change and ensure that the strategic aims of any change are supported by its people.

Services Include:

Change and the Organisation: Defining Change

  • Drivers for Change
  • Key Roles in Organisational Change
  • Vision Statements

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Leadership and Engagement
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Managing Relationships and Mobilising Stakeholders

Change Impact

  • Change Impact, Risk, and Continuity Model
  • Gap Analysis
  • Stakeholder Impact Assessment

Sustaining Change

  • Levers and Leverage
  • Levels of Adoption and Critical Mass
  • Reinforcing Systems

If you have a change process to grapple with in your business, do give us a call for some help and support…..