Specialty insurance MGA Build Out

Overseeing a Specialty Underwriting Agency’s build out into a US$ 60m premium business unit with new operations in multiple geographies.

As Deputy Chairman and Integration Programme Manager at Thomas Miller Specialty between 2016 and 2018 Roger Lewis established and led a team of function heads to acquire and integrate multiple business units into a single operation. Weekly working groups, careful management of agreed deliverables and working papers and effective leadership of the key people involved in the project and its day to day operations, all contributed to the successful start of this new business.



A key part of the strategic plans for this new business unit was to expand their London operations into Canada. For those in the know, the regulatory regime in Canada requires significant commitment and engagement in order to succeed as well as deployment of effective local resources.  Once in flight, it was a pleasure to engage and hand over this live project in good hands to its local team to complete its delivery.


This business unit required a brand new green field operation on the Island of Guernsey as well as insurance support in London. Detailed dialogue with regulatory professionals and engagement with programme work streams enabled the necessary approvals to be obtained and new office to be up and operational so as to deliver upon promised business objectives.


Working in support of Ocado PLC’s Transformation Office in 2018-19, guiding a business undergoing major change around pace and scale, FUSE Consultancy supported numerous change initiatives all designed to improve efficiency in ways of working internationally.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Helping to identify and iron out key end to end process pain points. FUSE established a new Centre of Process Excellence deployed across multiple projects, refining key business processes and the capability to capture, visualise and govern process using fully implemented third-party process management software.

Portfolio Project Management (PPM)

Leading a team conducting a comprehensive Business Requirements study and RFP process for PPM software. FUSE shortlisted 3 providers (Planisware, ServiceNow and Clarity), completing a qualitative scorecard assessment of product features and benefits, leading to a Board recommendation on implementation. Benefits to be realised: live dashboard portfolio view across all projects including risks, issues, tasks, timelines and resources.