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Business transformation requires careful thought about the impact of change upon its people. We teach your key leaders  techniques to help them engage better with their staff about the change. We help them ensure the strategic aims of this and any future change are supported by your people.
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We work alongside your deal ambassadors and new management teams to support their decision-making.

As well as helping to structure your stakeholder dialogue, we programme manage all of your business integration work stream activities.

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BPM is a way of controlling the processes that are present in an organisation.  In more detail, it is how we study, identify, change, and monitor business processes to ensure they run smoothly and can be improved over time.

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All businesses change over time – sometimes the change is gradual – but when a change is sudden or substantial it can unbalance the whole organisation. Often this results in a loss of key employees or general discord amongst the staff that can become catastrophic.

There are many things that can be done to help both your management team and your employees to adapt to a change whether it is a new piece of software or a merger with another company.

Our role is to work alongside your leadership teams during business process reengineering. We give them the tools to manage the way ahead for them and their teams through whatever challenges they are facing.

FUSE works with the leadership teams of mid-market size companies across the Northern Home Counties of the UK and the City of London to help find solutions to these challenges.

We focus on supporting the essential people part of business change often as part of new technology adoption, organisational restructuring, merger & acquisition activity or pace and scale expansion.

A boutique change consultancy, we are specialists in the world of insurance but entirely comfortable delivering change across all business sectors. With a network of consultants and expert advisers on hand, we are ready to guide you through the essential management thinking to ensure your business change and improvement initiatives succeed. We are committed to the business process reengineering on your organisation from start to finish.

If your organisation needs help to ensure a change, merger or integration goes as smoothly as possible – or if you are just seeking some general advice, please get in touch.


Roger is a consummate professional with a practical and deep knowledge of change management. The insight and galvanising approach Roger brings has consistently created value within the projects we have worked on. Time after time I have seen him communicating, networking and managing stakeholders with passion and dexterity to great effect. Roger is a huge asset to any business serious about transformational change.Richard Andrews, Business Process Manager, Ocado Group
As the programme process architect, Roger brought a wealth of underwriting, process and design expertise and was instrumental in providing the know-how and the strategic direction for the newly designed processes. His influencing skills, tact and knowledge guided senior management through the decision making and the internal and external delivery teams through the implementation of new automation concepts.Daniel Dobre, Senior Project Manager, Markel International

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Specialists in supporting the essential people part of business change, often as part of merger & acquisition activity, organisational restructuring or pace and scale expansion. Our business process reengineering for your organisation will be collaborative, successful and enriching with your support.

We are a focused M&A and change consultancy with a network of consultants and expert advisers ready to engage with and guide you through the essential management thinking to ensure your business change and improvement initiatives succeed.

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